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How does an steam sterilizer autoclave work?


The Principle of high pressure steam sterilizer autoclave:
Making use of high temperature and high pressure to form water steam, which is capable of eliminating all kinds of microorganism like Bacterial Spore and Mold Spore till the it reaches gem free condition.


How does an steam sterilizer autoclave work?


Sterilization items:
Items need to be reusable instruments which are able to endure high temperature and high pressure. With a view to ensuring gem free condition being reached, it’s necessary for all the items to obtain saturated steam evenly in time.

Complete sterilization is impacted by the following factors:



  • .Has the stain been cleaned thoroughly?
  • .What kind of texture does the sterilization package adapt?
  • .The single loading capacity?
  • .The stacking way?

How does an steam sterilizer autoclave work

How does an steam sterilizer autoclave work
※Overloading would cause steam be unable to penetrate every corner evenly.

The sterilizing elements of an steam sterilizer autoclave:

  • Temperature: Microorganism will be eliminated once it reaches the particular temperature. With higher temperature, it takes less time to fulfill the sterilization.
  • Pressure: In a certain room, temperature rises will result in pressure going up. This is the key element to saturated steam being spread evenly.
  • Time: Microorganism would be eliminated by maintaining the particular temperature in a certain time.

The regulated Sterilizing Time:

Sterilizing Time Sterilizing Pressure Time
121℃ 1.1 kg/cm² 15 min
134℃ 2.1 kg/cm² 3 min

The basic operation of a sterilization cycle
steam sterilizer autoclave-sterilization cycle-Class N

The essential divergences between different autoclaves are “how to ensure every step’s parameter matches the default value”, “Safety protection is fully activated” and “Error Detect System”.


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