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The Key Point of Choosing the Suitable Autoclave


There are many knowledge in autoclave, if you need to buy an autoclave, maybe this can give you some suggestion.

The Key Point of Choosing the Suitable Autoclave

1. The Full-In Quality of Steam
During the sterilization, it’s important that all the steam need to be full the whole chamber. If the steam didn’t full-in accurately, the sterilization might fail due to not sterilize thoroughly. And it may also cause cross infection in the chamber. EQUS autoclaves equipped with independent steam generator which could inject the steam the chamber directly. It will provide the best and speedy sterilization effect.

2.Drying Effect
The drying effect depends on the different class of autoclaves. Class N autoclaves could only provide 50%-60% drying effect due to the theory of physical designed drying system. In contrast, Class B autoclaves could provide better drying effect which is more than 90%. The reason of better effect was the vacuum function.

3.User Friendly and Safety
All of our EQUS autoclaves equipped with double safety lock with patent, instruction sign showing the sterilization status, error detect program which provide both the users’ safety and convenience.

4.Service Support
EQUS always provide immediate assistance of maintain and service to every customer. No matter you are from dental clinic, cosmetic clinic, vet hospital or lab, we will provide the best solution and support to you once you request.

5.Maintenance and Durability
EQUS autoclaves designed with the record of cycle counts which could remind the user to do regular maintenance on time. Our autoclaves also equipped with water sensor which could help the user to keep the machine on the best condition.

EQUS autoclaves passed EN13060 class B and ISO13485. We insist to provide the best quality product following the regulation to every user.

7. Appearance
Cope with the design of modern dental clinic, EQUS autoclave equipped with simple and neat cover which hopes to suit for every clinic. We wish to provide a nice user experience and concept of environmental protection to every customer.

8. Competitive Price
EQUS look forward to keep providing products with superior appearance, best quality and affordable price to every client.



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