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EQUS manufacture exclusively in Taiwan. EQUS specializes in provide steam sterilizer/ autoclave and infection control products. The products we make process high quality which pass ISO 13485, CE0120, EN130606 and UL certificates. Meanwhile, we have over 10 R&D employees of Medical division are developing new products and making products even better and more effective. The most importance is placed on the quality of suppliers when selecting components.

We suggest you to choose distilled water for autoclave using. A unit specified for tap water may not function efficiently and can even be damaged by dematerialized.

All EQUS autoclaves come with a 12 month limited parts-and-labor warranty, a 10-year pressure vessel warranty, and unlimited lifetime technical support.

The routine maintenance includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly (mostly keeping the unit clean and door gaskets). For most applications and facilities, this is sufficient to keep your autoclave running in good order. For peace of mind, many EQUS autoclave users choose to have an autoclave check-up every six months.

First of all, the Instruments can be sterilized with the following class:
N class: solid instruments that do not need to be placed in a pouch
S class: B-type hollow instruments both loose and placed in a pouch
B class: solid instruments, A-type hollow instruments, B-type hollow instruments, handpiece
It is evident that choosing an autoclave that carries out B class means that a higher variety of instruments can be sterilized in a single piece of equipment

To ensure that your instruments are stored in a sterile state from their successful sterilization until they are used, EQUS recommends packing them in suitable sterile barrier systems from even before sterilization. The recommended storage periods can be found in your national/regional laws and directives. For further information, please contact your dealer.

If your question is not listed above, please Contact Us. We’ll reply with an answer as soon as possible.

EQUS Autoclave Maintenance

Status Possible Cause Resolution
StatusNo power Possible Cause
  1. Plug socket is not inserted or no power supply.
  2. Fuse switch tripped.
  1. Please re-plug it in, or check to confirm whether the power supply socket, Call a professional electrician if there is no power at the socket.
  2. Check the fuse switch, if fuse switch is tripped. Please press reset button on the breaker.
StatusSteam leak Possible Cause
  1. Door gasket is not completely closed
  2. Door gasket due to aging, broken or dirty adhesions.
  1. Clean the door gasket.
  2. Make sure door gasket is correct devices.
  3. Door gasket is natural consumables, replace the door gasket.
  4. Please notify the Company maintenance personnel.
StatusDoor open or Low water warning Possible Cause
  1. Door does not close.
  2. Inadequate water storage tank.
  1. Please confirm before sterilization procedures after the door closed.
  2. Please check the tank of water, distilled water was added in the appropriate storage tank.
StatusBI does not change color Possible Cause
  1. Custom settings inadequate sterilization time.
  2. Failure to recommend placing the sterilized items.
  3. Please open the cover of sterilization box。
  4. Power supply is incorrect (wrong power plug)
  1. Please increase the sterilization set time.
  2. Please confirm instruments cannot exceed the recommended carrying capacity, and cannot be over-stacking.
  3. Make sure the power outlet is required for the AC 210 ~ 230/10A.
StatusNo drying action Possible Cause
  1. Power outage.
  2. Not set the drying time.
  1. Check the power supply, if good, then the drying time may be too short, adjust the drying time.
  2. Please confirm whether the selected function drying time.
StatusPoor drying effect Possible Cause
  1. The drying time is too short.
  2. No vessel placed upright boards.
  3. No action of vacuum pump.
  1. Please increase the use of drying function independently set the time after drying or sterilization.
  2. Use the optional accessories (sterilization tray upright group).
  3. Vacuum pump is not operating, resulting in hot and humid air inside cannot be remove.

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