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About EQUS

Regarding Efficiency, QUality and Service as brand value, EQUS aims to be more than an autoclave manufacturer.

Focusing on infection control field, EQUS makes use of its outstanding R&D technology and spectacular marketing team to provide a complete solution.

In the interests of users, our autoclaves are designed according to user-friendliness and our products are certified by the strictest international regulations.

Plus, EQUS goes all in to improve the sterilization efficiency and creates correct infection control concepts for users.

With a view to being the most trusted supplier in the sterilization market, EQUS dedicates to the advanced technology, professional technical service and strong supports of our clients. By fulfilling user’s demands of safety, convenience and efficiency, we have confidence in becoming the best partner of all kinds of medical institutions. 

About equs

EQUS's Principle


EQUS products are manufactured under the strict standard operating procedures including of R&D, Design, Assembly, Tests and Quality Control. We expect to offer high-efficiency autoclaves to improve the performances in infection control field.



EQUS’s quality derives from the humanization and the high efficiency. The humanization refers to the safety and the user-friendliness of our products while the high efficiency refers to reaching the effective cycle under the energy and time saving.



EQUS’s service stems from the satisfaction of our clients. Besides the regular maintenance and efficacy detection, EQUS would provide prompt trouble-shooting and after-service. EQUS will keep innovating and improving our service by increasing the satisfaction of our clients.

Company Profile

Founded in 1976, TEX YEAR INDUSTRIES INC. is a stock listed company which deeply-roots in Taiwan with adhesive and special chemicals. So far, our products have been exported to more than eighty countries world-widely. TEX YEAR regards “the pursuit of balanced development and the sustainable management” as company guidelines. Plus, TEX YEAR sticks to treating clients honestly and increasing their value. With three main core value, eco-friendliness, safety and rapidity, TEX YEAR offers commitments and prompt services to its clients.

In 2010, Tex Year expanded its business to the medical equipment field. EQUS specializes in providing steam sterilizer/autoclave and infection control products. The products we make possess high quality which pass ISO9001, GMP, ISO13485, CE0120, EN13060 and UL certificates. Providing the best quality products, EQUS will be your most reliable infection control partner!

TEX YEAR INDUSTRIES INC. development outline:

  1. Managing area: The whole world
  2. Global branches: Taiwan/ China/ Hong Kong/ Vietnam/ Poland/ India/ U.S.A.
  3. Global sales: 93.4 million USD
  4. Staff number: 400

Brand Milestones

  • 2010
  • Appliance Department engaged in R&D of medical equipments.

  • 2011
  • Appliance Department established the medical device manufacturer and got certified by medical device quality system, ISO-13485. Eventually we founded the brand, EQUS.

  • 2012
  • Medical device manufacturing facility was certified by GMP, Taiwan and obtained the TFDA.
    EQUS held infection control seminars with Taipei Dental Association. For the first time in the medical device filed, EQUS held health checkup activity for autoclaves and implemented autoclaves’ maintenance and old machine replacement.

  • 2013
  • Appliance Department was renamed as Medical Device Division which officially stepped into the industry transformation.

    EQUS TAT-202 series autoclave won 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    EQUS autoclaves were sold in Taiwan and Southeast Asia market.

  • 2014
  • EQUS TAT-203 series autoclave was the first B class product which certified by EU regulations and obtained the TFDA.

    Got the ODM order of B-type autoclave from a Japanese company.

    TAT-202、TAT-203、TEV-17 were DNV, PED II CE 0496 certified.

    TAT-202, TAT-203 were SGS CE 0120 certified.

    TEV-17 was SGS CE 0120 certified.

    TAT-203 was UL certified which enabled EQUS to penetrate US market.

    TAT-203 won 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2016
  • Medical Device Division passed the GMP three year audits by MOHW.

    EQUS officially cooperated with 3M, Taiwan and represent 3M dental and oral health products.

    EQUS built up a complete dental product sales network and offered table-top autoclaves, CSSD, detergents, pouch and 3M dental products which strongly expanded its market domestically and globally.

  • 2017
  • TEV-17 won 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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