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Made-in-Taiwan robots gear up to help beat coronavirus


Made-in-Taiwan robots gear up to help beat coronavirus

An innovative on-line press conference was hosted by TAITRA to exhibit the excellent local industry of epidemic prevention from Taiwan to the world community. TAITRA invited the participation of 15 companies from medical, bio-technical, and medical device fields, and there were over 200 registered oversea on-line viewers, including the press and the buyers, to watch the conference.



As a winner of Taiwan Excellence Product, Tex Year has been awarded 3 years with a series of EQUS brand bench-top autoclave products. Even though “infection control” is not considered one of the front liners, such as the face mask or the medical protective clothing, in the combat fighting against disease epidemic, it is essential to maintain an effective system of “infection control process” in all of the medical institution where patient treatment taking places. “Infection Control” is included in the link from staff/patient and equipment management, disinfection, treatment flow, to acknowledgement. When we are dealing with a wide-spread infectious disease such as SARS or COVID-19, a break from the link may cause the outbreak to the entire medical institution, or even the community. 



EQUS autoclave and the distinction products for the medical instruments are used to prevent cross-infection between patients and/or medical staffs by providing sterilization of the used medical instruments. The physical sterilization of instruments and environment is only a part of an effective infection control system. The air transmission prevention, as well as the environment/hand sanitization is also necessary protection measures to take to prevent the cross infection.




We do not know when the crisis will come to an end. We can only protect the medical staffs from the infection of disease by enforcing an effective system of process. Should you have any inquiry regarding the infection control of dental and/or medical institution, please feel free to contact with EQUS for further information and service.  



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