EQUS Infection Control, Autoclave

EQUS Autoclave Video


EQUS Autoclave Video
EQUS autoclave video

Part 1.EQUS Autoclave Recommend:

EQUS autoclave recommend video

Dental staffs using the EQUS autoclave give it top marks for its sterilization and multi-function self-control performances, and find cleaning and maintenance easier than with anything that they've used before.


Part 2.EQUS Autoclave Feature:

EQUS autoclave feature video

The all new Venus Autoclave is an EU, Class B pulsating vacuum autoclave with N, S and B class sterilization capability.

The EQUS C24 is different from conventional autoclaves that use heating elements. It utilizes a steam generator to achieve rapid sterilization with the total cycle time completing in less than 20 minutes! The EQUS C24’s three-time vacuum conforms to international standards and have passed Germany’s GKE BD test and Sweden’s Getinge Helix test. The EQUS Autoclave provides efficient and flawless performance.

Part 3.EQUS Autoclave Maintenance:

EQUS autocalve maintenance video

The function of maintenance includes the cycle recorder, easily cleaning filter and easily cleaning door gasket. All the design comes from user’s needs.

Part 4. EQUS Autoclave Products:

EQUS autoclave products video

EQUS products posses Medical Device License in various countries have gained ISO9001, ISO13485, EN13060 and European CE0120 certification and are recognized as a GMP Factory Distinguished Manufacture.


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