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EQUS Computerized Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Mercury (TEV-17) has won the “2017 Taiwan Excellence Award”!!


EQUS Computerized Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Mercury (TEV-17) has won the “2017 Taiwan Excellence Award”!!


EQUS Computerized Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Mercury (TEV-17) has won the “2017 Taiwan Excellence Award” which is held by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Among the 1199 products from 518 companies that take part in this event, Mercury is awarded again which demonstrates EQUS core value, Efficiency, QUality and Service. By keeping innovating our products, TEX YEAR shows an outstanding performance in R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing aspects.

Taiwan Excellence Award selection is based on product’s R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing perspective. Through strict examination and verification, on-sight product evaluation and discussions, this award is able to examine products made in Taiwan with Innovation value. All in all, this award is an authoritative and all-round product selection event in Taiwan.

TEX YEAR has devoted itself to designing and R&D since 2010. With 7 years, we have already reached the world-class standards. Furthermore, being recognized by this award repeatedly has advanced our pace in the pursuit of ultimate product quality. In 2013, our awarded Computerized High Pressure Autoclave, TAT-202 series laid a solid foundation in computerized technology. In 2015, our awarded Computerized Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, TAT-203 series made use of market leading LCM, front drainage system and convenient storage design to increase user-friendliness severely which not only improves the convenience for medical staff but paves the way for the latest product, Mercury (TEV-17).


EQUS TEV-17 滅菌鍋

EQUS Computerized Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Mercury (TEV-17) is equipped with superior components and features such as the touch screen, the Flash cycle within 15 minutes, 8 safety protection designs, the electricity saving mode, the independent dryness function, the automatic adjustment toward different altitude, the maintenance notice system, the modular design to simplify after-service and so on. With these advantages, we offer users a product which demonstrates high efficiency, durability and safety. Being awarded by different prizes and certified by strict certifications, TEX YEAR’s self branded (EQUS) autoclaves are definitely the best choice for health practitioner in infection control field.

Insisting in challenging ourselves and building up a sound foundation, TEX YEAR (EQUS) is looking forward to creating a well-known brand and even surpassing the world leading brands.

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