EQUS Infection Control, Autoclave

Large Medical CSSD 50-1000 Liters

Product Overview

Comprehensive product specifications, durable structural design, thoughtful user interface, reliable safety device.

1. Comprehensive product specifications

A. Comprehensive size specifications 

a. 50L~303L: Operation room specification
b. 348L~913L: Laboratory specification
*Please refer to the technical data sheet for detailed specifications.


Available in various dimensions

B. Optional accessories
a. Single/double door: Different options are available to cater for traffic flow or spatial needs.
b. Door opening method: Depending on using habit or requirement, vertical or horizontal door-opening designs are available, as well as hinged door design (opens at either side).

c. Vacuum method: Venturi vacuum or vacuum pump.
d. Steam and compressed air supply: Provides independent steam generator and air compressor depending on the needs of the user.
e. Trolley categories: Stainless steel cart or trolley for vertical autoclave is available depending on the clients’ needs.

CSSD Slide Door Design
Slide door design

CSSD Venturi Vacuum Pump
Venturi Vacuum Pump
CSSD 3-shelf stainless steel transfer carts
3-shelf stainless steel transfer carts
CSSD 4-standing stainless steel transfer carts
4-standing stainless steel transfer carts





2. Durable structural design

A. The feasible proportion of chamber material and chamber curve design
a. Feasible proportion: The precise calculation of the chamber material and chamber design proportion according to the U.S. ASME U-Stamp regulations, EQUS® Pro-Class CSSD product line gives you the most durable design autoclave that lasts more than a decade.

b. Strengthen structure: Compared with the traditional skip welding method, the full-coated welding design possesses prominent durability which prevents chamber clefts.


The feasible proportion of chamber

B. Chamber structure and design
a. Inner chamber design: Solid, one-piece SUS316L stainless steel or 316Ti stainless steel is used. Combined with the golden ratio, the product will be more durable.

b. Outer chamber design: Reinforcement and compartment thermal insulation design (Zetex material) not only allows even distribution of steam but also optimizes the effect of thermal energy to achieve energy-saving and efficiency.





CSSD-Traditional skip welding method
Traditional skip welding method

CSSD-Full-coated welding method
Full-coated welding method
Full coverage of the Zetex fabric design
Chamber full coverage of the Zetex fabric design maximizes thermal efficacy






3. Reliable safety device

A. Inner chamber safety system
a. Lock device: When the inner chamber pressure is greater than 1,138mbar, the door cannot be opened.
b. Automatic removal of excess water in the chamber: When excess fluid is detected in the chamber, an alarm will be triggered and the water will be removed automatically.

B. Gasket safety system
a. Gasket pressure detection: Prevents steam from leaking through the door and controls safety.
b. Gasket mounting design: Automatically detects temperature, so that the user can remove the gasket for cleaning under permissible conditions.

C. Other safety systems
a. Anti-pinch design: Exclusive European/US water level detection technology is applied to ensure the user’s safety.
b. Maintenance program password protection: Avoid accidental use by non-maintenance personnel. Authorized personnel can operate directly after instructions are given.
c. Emergency system: Outer chamber safety valve 3.1kg/cm2 and emergency safety button.

CSSD-User-friendly door opening design
User-friendly door opening design : Easily open chamber door with only one finger

CSSD-Gasket withdraw program
Gasket withdraw program
CSSD- Automatic gasket elapse function
Automatic gasket release function
CSSD-Gasket temperature detect
Gasket temperature detect
CSSD-Emergency stop button
Emergency stop button



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