EQUS Infection Control, Autoclave

M415 Cleaning And Pre-Disinfecting Agent

Product Overview

A New efficient treatment for saving your cost!
RBS M 415 is efficient for manual, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting before sterilization, of dental material, surgical instruments (mini-invasive, microsurgery, etc.), endoscopes, breathing apparatus, anesthesia material, etc. Besides its efficacy against germs, it removes blood residues, various secretions, biofilms, proteins, etc.

1. Free from aldehydes, phenols and chlorinated agents

2. Contains corrosion inhibitors that protect instruments and prolong their shelf life

3. Efficient at low concentration (0.5% in deionized water)

4. Biodegradable surfactants

5. Total rinse without residues

6. Conformed to NF EN 13727, NF EN 13624, NF EN 14348


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