EQUS Infection Control, Autoclave

Class N A24 (24 Liters)

Product Overview

The 16 programs satisfy your every sterilization need


1.Digital timer with 8 programmable cycles
2.Status indicator to monitor entire process
3.Independent drying system for easy set up the time from o min. ~ 99 min.
4.High quality components for use of long life span. 
5.Easy to set up for heating and drying;  Start the cycle is the click-away


Safety protection
1.The Safety Door Lock activates when chamber pressure reaches 0.28kg/cm²
2.Emergency protection system: The autoclave automatically stops, and restarts when pressure drops to safety. 
3.Safety indicators: Door open warning. Low Water level Warning. 


I-Water Tech intelligent water intake system

I-Water Tech intelligent water intake system

Automatically determines water input volume based on sterilizing time. This mechanism will balance the autoclaves sterilization time and instrument lifetime.



Error Detection :
Error codes display from E1 to E9, indicates process abnormality;automaticallyshuts off to protect user safety

Customized System:
pre- set 8 programmed cycle available. 

Process Indicator:
LED light indicate status and count-down timer.


EQUS autoclave Process indicator and timer display
Process indicator and timer display
EQUS autoclave Error detect system and error code display
Error detect system and error code display



Cycle Record:
Records every sterilization cycle. And reminder for maintenance.

Easy Filter Cleaning:
Spanners are often needed when changing filters. EQUS® autoclave filters are designed inside the chamber. User can easily change or clean filter with bare hands within less than a minute.




EQUS autoclave Filter easy to clean and change
EQUS autoclave Makes gasket cleaning so easy





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