EQUS Infection Control, Autoclave

Class B TEV-17 Mercury 17 Liters

Product Overview

With built-in steam generator, TEV-17 not only possesses high speed class B performance but ensures perfect steam penetration for any load. It adopts European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying.


Class B Performance

Fast sterilization cycle
With 15 minutes only, TEV-17 is able to fulfill the whole B class cycle including of sterilization and drying. Simultaneously, TEV-17 also passes the severe test, which demonstrates the suitability of a medical device simulator during steam sterilization.

Outstanding steam generator
Equipped with an independent steam generator and precise heat control technology, TEV-17 can be fully counted on during the whole sterilization especially heating and sterilizing phase.

Efficient Vacuum Pump
Utilizing a built-in vacuum pump, TEV-17 is able to make the best of pre vacuum air removal to eliminate air pockets from all load types. In the mean time, it could maximize the steam penetration throughout the entire load during sterilization.

Unique Cooler System
TEV-17 adapts the self-designed cooler system which is able to prolong the vacuum pump life expectancy and enhance the pump efficiency.

High quality air filter
Keeping the air in the chamber pure, TEV-17 utilizes GVS air filter (UK) which well applied in B class autoclave.

User friendly

Intuitive Icons

The color touch screen and clear menu structure could offer users a faster, simpler and more convenient way to operate TEV-17.

Real-time Monitoring
This feature not only shows real-time values for relative parameters (temperature and pressure of chamber, generator pressure) but reveals clear graphs of the cycle data.

Straightforward Interface
With 6 built-in cycle options, users are able to the needed cycle by tapping the corresponding icons on the touch-screen. Plus, users can tell the current cycle status through the paragraph on the screen clearly.

Thoughtful Storage Options
Users are able to check the latest 10 cycle records directly on the screen. And we also offer a SD card with 4Gb which can accommodate over 400,000 records. Keeping the records in paper format, TEV-17 could be connected to a dedicated printer that shows the complete parameters in a cycle.

Prompt Warning Notice
Paying great attention to users’ safety and autoclaves’ life expectancy, we strictly control the water quality in the tank, the pressure and the temperature in the chamber and the air quality in the chamber. Once any condition being abnormal, TEV-17 would issue warning notices and temporarily stop the cycle.

Easy Maintenance

Error Detect System
Once any malfunction occurs; users are able to tell the possible problem.

Quick Tube Connections
The connecting system for water draining on the front of the sterilizer simplifies weekly maintenance.

Clear Component Assembly
With a view to making inspection and maintenance easier, TEV-17 makes use of modular design. It will be simpler for technicians to accomplish these services.

Easy opening tank cover
Making use of the unique cover design, users are capable of cleaning the discharge tank without difficulties.

Internal replaceable tube
The connection tubes need to be checkedn and changed from time to time. By improving the design, we offer the technicians an easier way to fulfill the services.


RoHs Guaranteed
With a view to avoiding any pollution to the environment or anything harmful to mankind, we strictly follow RoHS regulations during manufacturing our equipments.

Water Saving
With a built-in steam generator, the pure water in the tank would evaporate into steam completely. Under this circumstance, water won’t be wasted during the evaporation.

Energy Saving
Using the sleep mode, users can minimize the power consumption and activate TEV-17 in no time. Equipped with a strong vacuum pump and special-constructed cooler system, TEV-17 is able to fulfill sterilization cycles continuously. During the cycle, the drying process makes use of low power consumption at 500W which saves energy for users.

Light Weight
In view of saving human resource, we have brought down the entire weight to 43kg. The installation and maintenance could be fulfilled by single technician.




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